Early Childhood Full Integration

The basis of our culture in Dona Ana County is formed around collectivism. Yet in the world of non-profit organizations, our cultural values collide with the non-profit values. The nature of the work sets up organizations to compete rather than support each other. For years organizations in Dona Ana County have individually tackled   complex issues affecting children and families in DAC. The Early Childhood Coalition recognizes that in order to move forward and maximize results, programs must work together to achieve greater results. It is important for organizations to collaborate with each other to maximize the reach. When organizations work together children and families benefit, the more we support each other the more it will be reflected in the community. In a community that lacks resources leveraging what we already have is crucial. Full integration seeks to bring organizations to the roots of a collectivism culture and create a culture of change through collaboration.

In order to achieve full integration of services the DAC ECE coalition is working on the following:

• Development and implementation of a common referral form (community referral)
Each organization in DAC utilizes a different referral form. It has been identified that some organizations are unable to refer a family to another organization due to not having the organization’s referral form. Implementing a common referral form will facilitate the opportunity for organizations to refer to each other. This will ensure that families will be connected to the organization that best meets their needs.

• Develop a common language
It has been identified at the national level the need for Early Childhood professionals and organizations to speak the same language of early childhood. Each organization has its own definition of early childhood and terms that they use. This goal seeks for programs to in Dona Ana County to create a common language to assist parents and families navigate the ever changing world of early childhood.

• Identify common trainings
Each organization is required to have a certain number of trainings. This project seeks to collect data on trainings each organization is required to take and identify the commonalities between organizations. The vision is that organizations will invite each other to trainings and lessen the cost by partnering with each other.

List of Partners:

1.  Dona Ana County Head Start

2.  Las Cruces Public Schools

3.  Aprendamos

4.  Alpha Schools

5.  Children’s Reading Alliance

6.  Community Action Agency-Family Wellness

7.  Children Youth and Families Department

8.  Department of Health- WIC

9.  Department of Health- CMS

10.  Dona County Health and Human Services

11.  La Clinca de Familia- Early Head Start

12.  La Clinica de Familia- Healthy Start

13.  NMSU- Center for Community Analysis

14.  United Way of SW New Mexico

15.  Little Footprints Development Center

16.  Discovery Development Center

17.  United Healthcare

18.  CHI St. Joseph’s

19.  HELP-NM

20.  Tresco

21.  KRWG

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