Children’s Museum Committee Minutes – August 17, 2017

I. Welcome
II. Review of Minutes
Museum Meeting Minutes August 17, 2017
Doña Ana County Head Start 2803 El Paseo Rd.
a. Lynda Garcia Summarizes minutes from 07/20/17 Meeting
b. Item not on the agenda: Museum brochure draft – will be used as recruiting
tool to recruit donors and committee members
c. Members are to mark-up/edit brochure – edits are to be sent to Michael or
 Frank wants more photos and graphics in the brochure
 Include the interactive component of the museum and what will
distinguish this museum from the rest
 Margins are cut off, need to fix
 Michael wants different image on the front of brochure
d. A poll will be sent out to decide the working name for the “resource center”
e. A poll will be sent out to decide the working name for the “mobile unit”
III. Project Overview
a. Emphasis of lots of color, interactivity, high tech stuff, exhilarating and engaging activities for kids and families. A truly visceral and dynamic experience. A parent and family resource center that is warm, inviting and supportive.
IV. Treasure’s Report
a. Michael Montoño -$110,000 in our museum account
V. Exhibit Subcommittee
a. Cesia & Michael visited with Lakeshore (Quality Educational Products), Rep. Ben Grassle
b. Lakeshore will sponsor the museum
c. Lakeshorecandeliverandinstalleducationalproducts
d. Exhibit Committee will meet with Ben the first week of November
e. Amanda will set-up meet and greet with other ECE product companies
VI. Funding Sources
a. A list of potential foundation funders has been developed. No updates or plans to pursue opportunities.
VII. Mobile Unit
a. In September, we will be holding a mobile unit subcommittee meeting. This meeting is especially important because our major donor (Jack Soules) will be attending
IX. Other Business
b. c.
Museum Meeting Minutes August 17, 2017
Doña Ana County Head Start 2803 El Paseo Rd.
A Planning Committee will meet before this meeting, to prepare for Jack Soules
Planning Committee members: Michael Montoño, Amanda Gibson, Cesia Gilard, Maria Artiaga, Lynda Garcia, and Claudia Mares
VIII. Status of Business Plan
a. b.
c. d.
e. f.
g. h.
4 hypothetical building and estimated expenses has been developed (list given to group)
Financial projects and business plan will be distributed on or before September 21, 2017
A budget and business plan will be developed for the mobile unit
Tricia will look into operating cost for the United Health Care mobile unit to use as estimate costs for our mobile unit
Committee goal: will begin recruiting more business
Michael Montoño will reach out to Triple D trucking – Michael R./Michael M. will meet to discuss price and options
Review list of potential buildings
Frank and Michael R. will be working on financials for plan
g. h. i.
Nancy Baptist will schedule a meeting on the resource center for the mobile unit
Claudia Mares will set the date for site visits of community centers
Cesia thinks we should partner with La Samilla
Group should develop ideas to create a caravan of resources: museum mobile
unit, food trucks, food banks, health, etc…
The Museum Committee needs more volunteers to seek out building options
*Next meeting will be September 21st at 4pm Location TBD